Crisis and Resources

Climate change, Ukraine war, COVID crisis incl. impact on supply chains and logistics routes when Shanghai-Port closes, growing hacker attacks, changing dynamics and rapidly changing demands in consumer behavior, war for talents. Companies are facing multiple challenges. Is this a result of external events that need to be managed or are there commonalities in all […]

Data and Action

ESG is an important topic. Customers, suppliers, legal requirements, new solutions, requirements for products. Companies can no longer meet these requirements purely reactively. In order to remain capable of acting, they must give themselves a stable framework with a sustainability strategy that is part of the corporate strategy. Within this framework, they can then react […]

Data outside the company’s borders

The value of the data is also to use the information contained in the data for strategic market decisions and to also to leverage them for targeted measures. Examples of this are the optimization of the range of goods in retail, optimization of distribution channels or a targeted customer approach. The aim is to be […]

As a society exploring opportunities that lie in data

The German government’s data strategy – initial assessments for companies When the German government announces a data strategy, this naturally shows that the value of data is also seen at this level. At the Federal Press Conference on the data strategy on January 27, 2021 (Data Strategy of the German Federal Government adopted (, Federal […]


“It´s the data, stupid!” I like the term and the article from Michael Eberhardt, CEO of SNP (Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE). It´s an example about the relevance of  data infrastructure and data manegement. It  shows how important it is, to understand the importance of data in their full life cycle and impact on business decisions, in […]

Explore the Data Gap

Data and Data Value is often focussed on using data for analytics and to support decisions. But data utilization is more. Data are managing processes, they are used for predcitions, are the raw material for artifical intelligence and much more. Companies collect data and invest in technologies, but how much are these investments supporting the strategy, generate value? Isn´t […]

GDPR & Co: Compliance overkill or basis for value creation with data?

“That’s not allowed anyway” is a common reaction when working out how data can be used to create added value for companies. It is a common misconception that GDPR and other data compliance regulation only function in a restrictive manner. If that is the case, could they even be used as a value boost? This […]

Data is not everything…

Recently I read an interview with the fitness coach of Champions League winner Bayern Munich. Among other things, he describes the role that scientific evaluations and data analysis play in his work. He describes what is also the DataValueThinking approach. Although he emphasizes the importance, he also explains how important it is to combine the […]

Exploring Data and Content

Do you know this in your company as well? Besides many automated processes and system support, there is the creation and editing of texts. Even though these documents are often stored electronically, the data from contracts, letters, notes, and other documents are often not reusable. At the same time, the creation of such documents is […]

Connecting the worlds of technology

Do you also know this in your company? The focus of IT is often on commercial systems such as CRM, ERP and BI as well as on the automation of processes. At the same time, however, the digitization of the real world through sensors in production and machines (Industry 4.0) or in buildings (Smart Buildings) […]