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What is the Data Value Thinking Workshop?

The goal of the workshop is to capture the world of data and its value. It should make the complexity understandable and give orientation. It is designed to provide managers and executives with an approach to better understand the context of data in their management actions.

In order to make better use of data, more and more creative approaches are being used by companies. Creativity can not be enforced but supported. The workshop provides the executives or a management team with a common image and thus a common ground and language for future discussions and ideas.

Like in a discovery journey, the participants explore what data and data can mean for them and their company. During the workshop, concepts such as data science, big data, artificial intelligence etc. are considered and their significance for the company discussed. These content topics are integrated into the exploration of the topic of data in order to gather new ideas and approaches.

The workshop is also aimed at executives who have not previously focused on data and want to get closer to the topic. For executives who already have experience in dealing with data, the workshop offers new ideas, perspectives and further thinking. The workshop is not an analysis workshop where data analysis is done, data structures are analyzed or data models are developed, but an innovative approach to the new world of data.

Der Ansatz

In the context of the data, more and more people are talking about the “data lake”. This term is the basis of the workshop. A map of the “data world” is developed and researched. The map, which is stepwise created and explained, introduces individual zones or areas of data management like Business Intelligence (BI), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and others. The sea of data is structured and considered from different perspectives (like in an approach of innovation management).

Furthermore, ideas for improvements or new products are generated; but also to-dos are collected, and open questions recorded. The focus of the workshop depends on the situation and type of company as well as the responsibilities of the participants and will be adjusted accordingly. The workshop is thus a mix of some theoretical input on data and a moderated discussion on an extended map of the world of data.

After an exciting day, we have a better understanding of what kind of data we have in the company and how we want to better protect and use it.” (CEO)

“I never thought that the topic of data could be so exciting. The day was intense, but in the end,  I was surprised how quickly time passed, how much I learned and how much energy I have now on the subject.” (Participant)

The workshop is aimed at executives and management teams. It is designed for group sizes of 6-10 participants and is adapted in a preliminary discussion to the company situation. In general, the workshop will be conducted by two experienced moderators.

If you want to learn more about Data Value Thinking or if you are interested in a workshop, please send me an email to or contact me.