Recently I read an interview with the fitness coach of Champions League winner Bayern Munich. Among other things, he describes the role that scientific evaluations and data analysis play in his work. He describes what is also the DataValueThinking approach. Although he emphasizes the importance, he also explains how important it is to combine the data and innovative approaches with his own experiences and to adapt them to the specific situation. Quote: “I will never forget how he once said that one should not make soccer too scientific. But that does not happen to me either, I don’t want that at all. I used to play soccer myself, and that helps to assess which scientific approaches can help us – and which ones are unlikely to. We don’t do basic research; we do applied research. We can measure a lot, but it must also make sense.” Or in reference to the introduction of the article: “Data is not everything, but without data, everything is nothing”.

(The article is in German only, but any web translator might help)

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