Data and Data Value is often focussed on using data for analytics and to support decisions. But data utilization is more. Data are managing processes, they are used for predcitions, are the raw material for artifical intelligence and much more. Companies collect data and invest in technologies, but how much are these investments supporting the strategy, generate value? Isn´t there a data gap between the potential and the real usage? And if so – where and why? Or even more important – how could this gap be closed? DataValueThinking and PAC – a teknowlogy Group company will explore these questions in a survey. Let us know if you want to learn more or if you are a technology company and want to support this survey to leverage the results to position your products and services in the context of data culture, data utilization and data monetization.

Exploring the data gap – a guide to leveraging the value of data | PAC – a teknowlogy company (

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